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11 July 1989
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· Name: Natasha

· Nickname/s: Tash, Tasha, Tashii, Tashii-kins and WodWod

· Age: 20

· Country: Australia

· School? Nope, gradutated

· Interests: writing, drawing, singing/music, photography, Anime, Manga, Cosplay, day dreaming

· Dislikes: country and rap music, people who think their all that, no reviews lol

I'm not your typical Australia. I love Japan! Everything about it is the best! I want to move there someday. I'm kinda Visual Kei and Gothic Lolita but am 100% myself! I enjoy reading other peoples stories. Love FanFiction! Especially Anime and JRock! I am currently in love with Alice Nine, their music is the best! Shou is sooooo hot! Nao is adorkable! Hiroto is funny! And, Tora and Saga are alright too!
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